The company

Verdelab Bioscience is a private plant pathology laboratory, authorized by the Italian Ministry for the detection of fungi, bacteria, viruses and phytoplasmas, pests and mites; it's specialized in vegetable and fruit crops.

Verdelab Bioscience is a private and independent company, managed by a highly qualified staff of agronomists, plant pathologists, biotechnologists and technicians, which work together in order to offer the best solution as fast as possible.
Verdelab Bioscience has always invested in the quality of its service to meet customers' needs.

Since 2018 its Quality Management System is certified ISO9001:2015 for phytosanitary control of plant material for the identification of fungi, bacteria, viruses and phytoplasmas and molecular analysis for the genetic characterization of fruit and vegetable species.
Verdelab joins the most innovative lab technologies and the know-how on field: thanks to this synergy between innovation and experience, and can deal with a complete approach to the most varied phytosanitary problems.

  • reliability
  • expertise
  • confidentiality
  • fast responses
  • availability
  • flexibility

Methods used for the detection of plant pathogen microorganisms:

  1. Fungi:

    • isolation on suitable media;
    • moist chamber;
    • microscope;
    • molecular assay;
    • biotests.
  2. Bacteria:

    • isolation on suitable media;
    • biochemical characterization of the colonies;
    • molecular assay;
    • biotests.
  3. Viruses and viroids:

    • ELISA assay;
    • molecular assay;
    • biotests.
Dr Simone Pizzagalli
Dr Eleonora Andruccioli
Lab analysis manager
P.A. Davide Censi
Trial manager
P.A. Andrea Rossi
Technical service manager
Dr Eleonora Bagè
Molecular biologist
Silvia Tellurio
Secretary, accounting and customer care
Dr Ambra Ottaviani
P.A. Elia Paganelli
Dr Lisa Gollinucci
Lab analyst