Resistance trials

Verdelab performs in vivo resistance trials (biotests) in phytotrons, by artificial inoculation of the pathogens.

In vivo resistance trials allow to breeders to select resistant genotypes, with the aim to obtain new varieties resistant to the most important diseases.
This activity offers results hard to get with natural infections in field, because it has two important features:

  • artificial inoculation of the pathogen;
  • controlled growing conditions (temperature, humidity, photoperiod)

For this reason, this screening has important advantages:

  • High reliability and reproducibility: all the plants are inoculated by the pathogen with the same virulence and grown in the same conditions;
  • No seasonal limitations: it is possibile to perform tests in the same condition at any time of year;
  • Versatility: it is possible to change pathogen's strain and conditions according to breeder's needs.

Verdelab Bioscience performs biotest on the most important horticoltural crops with fungal, bacterial and viral pathogens, also to control in vivo the genotypes selected by markers.

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