Our Mission

The Corporate Mission of Verdelab Bioscience is working to achive the maximum satisfaction of its customers.

The Management ensures the resources to keep the Management System active, with the aim of:

  • ensuring the validity of the analytical data in according to its purposes
  • ensuring the regular course of the activities
  • improving working methods and processes
  • ensuring the satisfaction of customers and interested parties
  • offering a "taylor made" service to customers
  • guaranteeing reliability, competence and rapidity
  • maintaining the compliance with the mandatory requirements
  • increasing the competence and the satisfaction of all the Laboratory staff involving them in the management activities
  • keeping the staff updated by spending time and resources to training
  • maintaining the traceability of the performed tests in order to support inquiries or objections
  • ensuring the impartiality of the results and the discretion of the staff outside the laboratory

The objectives are translated into quantitative indicators during the Management Review, implementing and maintaining an active Management System in accordance with UNI EN ISO 9001:2015.
All the Laboratory staff is required to operate according to good professional practice, integrity, impartiality and in accordance with the procedures provided by the Management System and to collaborate according to their qualification level and the tasks assigned to them.
The Management is committed to ensure conditions of impartiality avoiding to be involved in activities that may endanger the independence of the laboratory and its Management in any way.
The staff involved in testing know and manage all the documentation of the Management System, apply the procedures in the execution of their work and attend regular meetings whose purpose is to ensure their involvement and awareness in achieving the objectives.
The Management will periodically review the Management System in order to ensure the continuous and correct adaptation to the objectives of the Laboratory for the needs and expectations of the Customers, ensuring the improvement and integrity of the system when changes to it are planned and applied.

Rimini, 06/12/2023
Verdelab Bioscience S.r.l. Administrator
Simone Pizzagalli

Verdelab Bioscience's history

We are on your side since 2002
2002Verdelab was founded

Verdelab was born from an idea by Simone Pizzagalli who, after having worked for 10 years as head of phytopathology at a multinational seed corporation, decided to found a private phytosanitary laboratory.
The first laboratory was about 50 square meters, located in an old warehouse next to a carpentry.
The company form was the Cooperative and Pizzagalli was the only working partner. Verdelab obtained a loan of 50,000€ and closed the first budget with 20,000€ in turnover.

2006We are growing up!

Eleonora Andruccioli, currently Head of Laboratory Analysis, was hired and we start our specialization in seed health tests.
A few time later Davide Censi, currently Head of Laboratory Tests, was hired.

2009The old lab is becoming too small

Verdelab moved to the new facility in Via Curiel, about 300 square meters; in the meantime other collaborators, currently all active in the company, join the staff.
In 2018 Verdelab soc. coop. became Verdelab Bioscience srl.

2021Opening of the new lab

The new laboratory of about 1500 square meters is opened in Via Tolemaide 146; this new facility has all the modern diagnostic technologies and 7 phytotrons for biotests and assistance to breeding activity.