verdelab test resistenza

In vivo resistance trials

Verdelab performs in vivo resistance trials, in growth chambers, with artificially inoculated pathogens.

This trials allow breeders to select resistant genotypes, in order to constitute new varieties resistant to diseases.
This activity provides results difficult to obtain with natural infections, because of two important features:

  • artificial inoculation of the pathogen
  • growth conditions.

Therefore this type of screening provides several benefits:
  • Reliability and reproducibility: all the plants are inoculated with the pathogen and grown under uniform and controlled conditions;
  • No seasonal restrictions: we can grow the plants in the same conditions all the year;
  • Flexibility: it is possible to change pathogen and growth conditions according to breeeder's needs.

Verdelab performs resistance trials on many vegetable crops, with fungi, bacteria or viruses, also in order to check the results of molecular markers.