Molecular analysis

Verdelab implemented its services offering molecular genetic analysis of several vegetable crops using HRM technology in real time PCR.

MAS analysis
Genetic assays for traits (resistance genes to diseases and phenotypic traits), using molecular markers associated at the genes responsible for the trait of interest.
There are available several traits for tomato, pepper and melon.

Purity and fingerprinting analysis
Genetic characterization for 8 different molecular markers spread throughout the plant genome; each sample, representative of the lot, is analyzed for all 8 markers, resulting in a string of 8 numbers, a "bar code" of the genome of that sample.
By comparing all the bar codes of the plants from the same lot, we can check the presence of off-types (inbreds, contaminations, ...) in the lot; analyzing 96 seeds from a lot we can detect about 1% of impurities.
Using this technique we can also compare a genotype with a reference variety to verify if the genotype belongs to that variety or not.

Purity and fingerprinting analysis is available for tomato, pepper, melon, watermelon, cucumber.
Customers can provide to Verdelab seed samples or leaf samples.