Our mission

The Corporate Mission of Verdelab Bioscience is working to achieve the maximum satisfaction of its customers.

Who decides to rely on Verdelab Bioscience must be certain that they have chosen a reliable and professional partner, which will be able to act in order to achieve an irrefutable, impartial and unquestionable result, based on the laboratory protocols for the sample submitted for the analysis.

Verdelab Bioscience will periodically evaluate the risks and the opportunities of every activities, with the aim to encourage continuous improvement and the development of new services; it will provide laboratory tests, analysis results, certificates of analysis with the maximum professional competence, impartiality and independence.

Verdelab Bioscience will guarantee the constant updating of its staff by the support of the younger researchers by the most experienced ones, spending adequate time to personal education, through the study of the current scientific publications, through contacts with Italian Plant Protection Organisation, with Italian and International Universities and Public Institutes, and through the attendance to specific conferences and meeting.

Finally, Verdelab Bioscience will work to achieve and maintain the suitability, effectiveness and adequacy of its quality system.